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Vacations in Bulgaria

We offer you holidays in the most beautiful seaside and mountain resorts in Bulgaria. Climate-treatment and balneo healing, yachting, surfing, skiing, culture, history, monastery tours,  and  a lot more opportunities are awaiting you. We never turn back single travellers  and do our best to accommodate them on  private tours and to realize their desired vacation. Please, choose your vacation bellow. We'll be happy to be your trusted tour operator.


Black Sea vacations

A whole chain of summer resorts, small ancient towns, golden sands and dunes, green hills and picturesque rivers, is stretched between the cape of Kaliakra to the north, and the exotic river of Veleka to the south........more

Culture vacation

For thirteen centuries, Bulgaria - the cradle of Slav culture, the land of Orpheus and Spartacus has given the world men of great achievements, mysterious Thracian treasures and burial tombs, magnificent frescos and many brilliant examples of ancient applied arts.......more

Monastery vacation

There are nearly 120 monasteries at the territory of Bulgaria nestled in the most private parts of the mountains, surrounded by virgin nature. The story of each monastery is quite intriguing and full of heroic moments. A tour of Bulgarian Monasteries is a great opportunity for mountaineers and history lovers......more

Historical sites vacation

The Bulgarian lands are ancient crossroads. They were populated from remote antiquity and remember many ancient civilizations. The state of Bulgaria has 1300 years old history and according to the statistics it is ranked third (after Greece and Italy) for the number of its archaeological and historical monuments.......more

Nature wonders vacation

Bulgaria is very attractive tourist destination because of the miraculous workings of nature and the numerous natural phenomena, scattered across the country. It is a  small piece of paradise blending in itself the remarkable beauty of the azure, warm turquoise sea and the majestic, snow-topped mountains......more

Thracian tombs vacation

Once upon a time the Thracians inhabited our lands (as far back as the latter half of the 2nd millennium BC). Thracian rulers and members of the nobility were buried in monumental stone tombs, which also served as places for ritual ceremonies to honor the deceased ruler, with offerings of rich funeral gifts. Approximately fifty such tombs and a number of significant collections of Thracian treasures have been uncovered in Bulgaria up to the present time.......more

Architectural preserves

Bulgarian spirit and character are rooted in the Bulgarian village - a cultural and ethnographic reserve in our modern world of the new millennium. Traditional villages provide the unique opportunity to feel and experience a lifestyle that goes back to epochs and cultures of which the modern Europe has only fleeting memories........more

Ski vacations

We offer winter holidays in the best winter resorts in Bulgaria - well preserved nature, excellent facilities for winter sports, cozy hotels and a great choice of places for entertainment.......more

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