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Canoe & Kayaking

Bulgaria offers a great variety of thrilling rivers, which in the spring and early summer are suitable for white-water kayaking. Besides that there are several wonderful lakes in the southern part of Bulgaria – in the Rhodopes – where you can take a canoe or kayak tour in a beautiful landscape! And if that’s not enough the great variety on the Bulgarian coast almost invites you for a sea kayak tour. For the experienced white-water kayaker we offer a thrilling White-Water Kayak Safari in Bulgaria!


Black Sea kayaking

Bulgaria has a coastline of 378 kilometers bordering to the Black Sea – a coastline that offers great variety and many beautiful places......more

White-water kayak safari

Going on a Kayak Safari gives you the opportunity to see exiting parts of Bulgaria while you practice your interest in white-water kayak......more

White water kayak course

This course is designed for enthusiasts with no or little experience with white-water kayaking.......more

Bulgarian lakes canoe & kayak trip

During the summer you will find several lakes in the southern part of Bulgaria, in the Rhodopes suitable for canoeing and kayaking.......more

Danube river canoe trip

The Danube is the largest river in Bulgaria and the natural border to Romania.
is an international kayak tour on the Danube – starting in Ingolstadt, Germany and finishing in Silistra, Bulgaria.......more

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