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Biking in Bulgaria

We believe a biking tour is a great adventure that stimulates your mind and keeps your body alive. Our cycling tours allow customization and a comfortable time margin for personal detours and stops! In between, and afterwards, you can enjoy local cuisine and any other outdoor activities you like. We always try to avoid the congested tourist areas in favor of Bulgaria's more secluded regions, sheltering ancient historical sights, splendid scenery, and natural wonders. We thoroughly research each route to be sure we take you on the best back roads and footpaths.


Biking tours in Rhodope mountains

Rhodope mountains, the most lyrical Bulgarian mountains, are located in the most southern part of the country. Although their average altitude does not exceed 1000m, the Rhodope mountains offer some of the finest hiking in Bulgaria. Their mild oval forms with lush highland meadows and aromatic pines and spruces exist together with deep river gorges, fantastic caves, strange natural sculptures, and picturesque untouched villages. Some 15 natural reserves under UNESCO protection with abundant wildlife, flora and fauna, can be found here.

Biking tours in Balkan Range

The Central Balkan National Park, located between the Valley of the Roses and the Danubian plain is nestled in the central and higher portions of the Balkan Range. Its rounded ridges and high peaks alternate with deep canyons, vertical rock faces and caves. It is the home to the largest number of high mountain waterfalls, among which the highest in Bulgaria - Raiskoto Praskalo waterfall , and the location of the deepest precipice cave in the country. The caves and canyons, the rock faces and cliffs are inhabited by endangered species of bats, birds, and a variety of other wildlife, as well as various rare and beautiful plants many of which native to these mountains.



  • All Bike tours with BgTravel are made up of moderate day stages and last from a few days to as many as 14 days. The physical demands range from easy to challenging. Furthermore, we will take you to local points of interest. In addition to guided tours, you will be given ample time to do some exploring on your own. Overnight accommodation will be in cozy and clean hotels, and  traditional Bulgarian houses. Each room comes with a private bathroom, and often the hotels offer additional facilities for swimming, cocktails, etc.

  • Each group is guided by an experienced tour guide. The guide is riding either a bike or driving a support vehicle which carries luggage, spare bikes, parts and tools. As the purpose of the guide, the support vehicle function is to accompany the group. The guide will also provide a ride to cyclists who need a break from the two wheeler. Each day at breakfast, your guide will provide you with clearly written route descriptions as well as detailed maps, and information about the sights along the way.

  • We use high quality and well maintained bicycles. The tour price also includes short guided tours at various points of interest. All you need to take care of is the necessary clothing, rain-suit and personal items and equipment. We recommend that you bring a small, light backpack on the ride for your most necessary belongings. We focus on individual  private tours. We aim to satisfy those who seek mobility and privacy and wish to enjoy the individual experience, but who would also like to share their experience with other like-minded enthusiasts.

  • We also provide bike rental and support for bikers that like to travel on their own. See our rental rates bellow. For hygiene reasons, BgTravel does not rent helmets. Participants are advised to bring their own helmets. In addition we can offer you creative itineraries in Bulgaria that feature the best of each region at the greatest possible value. Help with lodgings and food arrangements for renters is also available.


  • EASY: Average 30 km per day. Mostly flat terrain, some climbs to worthwhile destinations. Should pose no problem for anyone with a minimum level of fitness.

  • MODERATE: These routes average 35-45 km per day. The terrain is more challenging than the previous level with some longer climbs and vistas for the scenery enthusiast. Suitable for anyone who exercises on a regular basis.

  • CHALLENGING: Average distances are 40-50 km per day. The terrain includes descending downhill on mountain trails, longer climbs and single tracks.
    Suitable experienced cyclists or people with a higher level of fitness.

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