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The village of Trigrad with its awesome gorge and caves, is the star attraction in the southwestern Rhodopes, 30 km south of Devin. The Trigrad Gorge is one of the most spectacular vistas in Bulgaria, its sheer walls overhanging the foaming Trigradska river, which disappears into the fantastic Devil's Throat cave, accessible via a 150-metre-long tunnel. The thunder of water can be heard long before you see a huge waterfall that through the enormous Roaring Hall vanishes into the canyon; objects swept into the cave are never seen again. The wild karst terrain surrounding the sprawling village of Trigrad, abounds in caves - 102 found so far. One of them, Haramiiska cave is of great interest. Trigrad is a starting point for horseback riding, biking, and hiking to the village of Mugla and the Yagodinska cave famous for its unique cave pearls and other formations, as well as for the yielded 7000 years old Neolithic implements.......see hotels


The town of Apriltsi is a municipal economic, cultural and administrative centre. It stretches out for 12 km along the Vidima and the Ostreshka rivers. The climate is moderate continental, with typical mild winter and cool summer. The combination of crisp air, sweeping woods and absence of industrial plants makes possible a year-round recreation and tourism in this attractive town tucked away in a sunny valley in the mountain. Apriltsi has an ancient history. Several mounds testify to the past existence of a Thracian settlement. Still discernable are the remains of an ancient sanctuary on the top of Ostrets.......see hotels


The picturesque resort of St. Konstantin is one of the oldest on the Black Sea coast. Situated in a fine old park with cypresses, lilies and fig trees, quiet bays, sand beaches and curative mineral springs, the resort offers comfortable hotels, villa-settlements and holiday houses, modern restaurants serving national and European cuisine, sports and entertainment for any age, excursions. The resort, named after the local monastery is a paradise for those who are fond of fishing and scuba diving. The climate is Mediterranean with high concentration of light negative ions......see hotels


The village of Kovachevitsa lies 25 km northeast of Gotse Delchev, in the Dubrash section of the Rhodope mountains, high on the left bank of the Kanina river. It is a unique architectural and historical reserve. Kovachevitsa's National Revival houses and scenic vistas have also made it a popular film location - more than 15 movies have been shot here. A few of the old houses have been turned into hotels offering the coziness of the traditional Bulgarian home and the specialities of the original Rhodope cuisine. Walks and horseback riding in the hills are of great tourist interest.......see hotels


The charm of the Ribaritsa village are the numerous little country houses and villas. They are lost in greenness and flowers, offering not only tranquility and calmness, but and the opportunity to feel the unique authentic atmosphere of the Bulgarian village. There are bus lines on a regular basis to Sofia, Vratsa, Roman, Lukovit, Cherven Briag, Oriahovo, Pleven, Lovech and  Veliko Turnovo and almost all townships in the region.......see hotels


Located four kilometers northeast of Veliko Turnovo, the village of Arbanassi has a splendid view over the Medieval castles of Trapezitsa and Tzarevets. The village has its specific style in house-building. In 17-18th centuries the village reaches its "Golden age" and richly ornamented monumental houses and churches are built during this period. The Arbanassi house has no equivalent in building and style in other parts of the country. Another architectural treasure of the village is the existence of five churches and two monasteries. The oldest and the most interesting one is "Rojdestvo Christovo"/"Nativity"/ church.......see hotels


The Bojenci Architectural and Ethnographic Reserve is lying roughly between Gabrovo and Tryavna,14 km northeast along the Dryanovo road. Its cluster of two-storey houses with stone roofs and wooden verandahs will take you back to the time of 18th-19th century Bulgarian village. The houses are built in the typical style of the Bulgarian Revival period when Bojenci grew prosperous through  the enterprise of its smiths, potters, and local merchants who traded as far as Hungary and Russia. There are well over a hundred listed buildings in Bozhentsi, but the main highlights are the Kashtata na Doncho Popa, the Baba Kostadinitsa House, and the various workshops used by village artisans.....see hotels


Leshten is a pretty, picture-postcard village, northeast of Gotse Delchev, in the very western highlands of the Rhodope mountains. The village is an architectural and ethnographic reserve with thirty traditional homes. All houses are built in old Bulgarian style. 15 of all 30 houses are available for rent. The other half of the houses are used as taverns by local inhabitants. All houses are connected to the main street covered with oval stones, so called "kaldarum". This charming village offers rich variety of choices for hunting, fishing, riding and trekking........see hotels

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