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Useful Information

The official language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian. The Bulgarian language belongs to the group of the Slavic languages and it is very close to Russian, Macedonian and  Serbo-Croatian languages. The majority of people speak Russian, basic English, German and French.
: Bulgarians shake their heads from the left to the right to express "YES". However, this stands for "NO" in the rest of the world.



85% of Bulgarian people are Orthodox Christians and celebrate the traditional Christian holidays - Christmas, Easter and the name days of Bulgarians named after Archangels, Saints and Martyrs. Muslims are 11.5%, Roman Catholic 1%, Uniate Catholic 0.2%, Jewish 0.8%, Protestant, Gregorian-Armenian and other 1 %. As a whole Bulgarian people are very obliging and hospitable.


Attention! All electrical appliances work on ~ 220V.


The official monetary unit is called "LEV" (plural "LEVA"). The banknote denominations include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 LEVA, as well as coins - 1, 2, 5,10, 20, 50 called "stotinki" ("stotinka" for singular). 1 LEV coin is also available.


Many local and international banks and currency exchange offices function in the capital and around the country. Bank working hours are: 9 a.m. - 3 a.m., Monday to Friday. Currency exchange offices are open to 6 p.m., some work 24 hours a day.
Currency exchange is available also at the airport on arrival or departure, and in the big hotels. See online exchange rates:


Public transportation in the big cities: tram, trolley bus and bus.
Taxi service: available at Sofia Airport and in every city.
Car rental: Rent-a-car is available from companies such as AVIS, Hertz, Budget , Eurocar, etc. To see our car rental rates please click here
nter-city transport
: plane, train, coach. Local and long distance bus services cover 90% of Bulgaria's settlements.
Tickets can be purchased from travel and tourist agencies or at the bus stations.


Local and international telephone services are covered through automatic street telephones operating with tokens and calling cards. Tokens for local calls and calling cards are available for purchase from post offices. You can also make a phone call from almost every post office on the territory of the country.
Postal services don't differ particularly from the ones in Europe or North America. Internet services are offered in Internet clubs and cafes in the larger cities.


Tourists to Bulgaria from many countries do not need visa - a valid passport is required only. All visitors, however, are themselves responsible to go through a visa application if a visa is required. To see the list of countries that don't need visa to Bulgaria click here


Some of the major credit cards are accepted in Bulgaria: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Access, Airplus.
They can be used for payment of all standard services in hotels, restaurants, night clubs, shops, car rentals, travel agencies, etc.


Bulgaria has an extensive accommodation network ranging from luxury five-star to unpretentious two-star hotels, meeting all modern requirements. Reservations can be made through tourist agencies or local accommodation offices:


One can enjoy a wide variety of fine dining almost everywhere - from the small country villages to the high-volume resorts. In addition, the numerous night clubs and theatres can delightfully compliment your visit to Bulgaria making the most of it.


Bulgarian food is close to the traditional European cuisine. Traditional Bulgarian menu includes bread, yogurt and fresh milk, cheese, tomatoes, paprika, potatoes, onions, beans and fruits, grappa and red or white wine. Restaurants offer wide variety of cuisines. Along with the traditional Bulgarian dishes, many restaurants offer Italian, French, Greek, Chinese, German, Arabian, Hungarian, Latin American, Indian and Russian food.
Some of the most popular Bulgarian food specialties are displayed bellow:

 Shopska salad  prepared from diced tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, green peppers, topped with feta cheese and seasoned with olive oil and parsley
 Sirene po Shopski  feta cheese, diced tomatoes and onion topped with egg and cooked in pottery
 Tarator  cold served soup from yogurt, fresh cucumbers, seasoned with walnuts, garlic and dill
 Mlechna salad  prepared from strained yogurt seasoned with olives, crashed  walnuts, finely diced garlic and parsley
 Kuyfte  minced meat balls seasoned with traditional spices and fine herbs and barbequed
 Kebapche  minced meat rolls seasoned with traditional spices and fine herbs and barbequed
 Shish Kebab  grilled skewered meat, onion and paprika
 Banitsa  baked pumpkin pastry filled with cheese or meet


You can buy alcohol from any local store or pavilion on the street. some of them work 24 hours. Here are some prices from a local store price list:

 Beer / bottle 0.5L  Wine / bottle 0.7L  Grappa / bottle 0.7L  Whiskey / bottle 0.7L
 0.3-0.8 Euro  1-5 Euro  2-7 Euro   7-15 Euro


Common custom declarations and restrictions are applied for import and export of currency, food, alcohol and goods. Special custom regime is applied for antiquarian objects, historic and cultural treasures, medicines, narcotics, weapons, ammunitions, etc. Contact information is displayed bellow:

 Central office  Sofia Airport  Plovdiv  Burgas  Varna  Ruse  Sofia
 02 9311512  02 717051  032 220130  056 42301  052 225532  082 449998  02 315152


Bellow are the most important emergency telephone services:

 Emergency medical aid  Fire department  Police  Road assistance  Telephone information
 150  160  166  146  144

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